19 Apr 2008

Cold, Wood, Panorama, Labels and Planting!

I found a neat function on my phone. Panoramic shots. So here's one of the plot.

The weather's been cold again this week so not a lot to do on the plot. Last weekend it was raining so nothing got done then. This morning though it was clear skies. Jane wasn't too impressed when I talked her into coming down the plot at 6:00am but at least we got some sun before it clouded over. I've found a few piles of wood chippings left behind by a landscaper near work so I've been filling a few buckets each morning. It's doing nicely for the paths between the beds.

The plants in the dining room are not doing wonderful, the weather will not permit everything to go out but I need to risk putting some out so we don't loose them. I put a tray of beetroot out and Alan gave me some cauliflower so I have put them in one of the raised bed with fleece over them. Apart from that the Garlic has started growing and Jane got exited when she saw ann actual radish rather than just leaves.

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