29 Oct 2011

Garlic planted.

That's the Garlic in.

2 Rows of Taylor's Marco.
2 Rows of Unwin's White.

I've also planted a row of Shop bought Garlic. Probably Spanish to See how it goes.

Yesterday was a fabulous Autumn day and it was a pleasure working on the plot.

23 Oct 2011

Rhubarb bed today

A little hired help on the plot

The Rhubarb in need of a little TLC 

That's the Rhubarb taken care of. Ben is thinking do I eat it or roll in it!

22 Oct 2011

Progress (A little)

Time to tidy up. Start at the bottom and work up.
I pulled the last leek from the lower bed today and got stuck in.

2 Sep 2011

Yes there are some crops in here.

10 Jul 2011


Ignore the lemons!

1 Jul 2011

To sow in July

The following can still be sown in July

  • Spring Cabbage
  • Chicory
  • Chinese cabbage
  • Kohlrabi
  • Lettuce
  • Peas
  • French Beans
  • Beetroot
  • Carrots
  • Radishes

19 Jun 2011

Gardener's world Live.

Good weather forecast today. I'd love to spend the day down the allotment but we're off to gardeners world live at the NEC including the good food show.

18 Jun 2011

Deadish potato plant

Something got one of the potato plants. I don't know what. I think I'll dig it up.

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Dwarf curly Kale

Due to the the pigeons destroying my main crop of Kale I have sown some Fothergill's Kale Dwarf green Curled Borecole.

We gave up on the second sowing of Bulb Fennel due to excessive weeds and with attempt to sow again. I need more space to put tomatoes out and the only real space left is next to a tree. I've dug and removed some roots and will get the tomatoes in next time I have the time.


Nope. Sage!

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The allotment in June,


At least she's not on seedlings.

16 Jun 2011

Cropping at present

Also spring onion,  radish, spinach, rocket and herbs.

15 Jun 2011

Stripped bare.

Little buggers didn't take long to strip the kale.

12 Jun 2011

Tomatoes and Comfrey.

On the plot early today.
The main task was preping an early for some tomatoes.
It looks like some of the weed have turned out to be comfrey and possibly borage. So I've left them be. I've edged the bed with marjoram and some lettuce.