20 Apr 2008


When I was organising beds on the allotment I had to sacrifice a gooseberry plant and a rhubarb crown or two. I like some rhubarb and gooseberries but I much prefer veg and stuff. It's normally the type of things you can't give away unless you find a new plot holder with lots of space. Seeing that the committee split all the new plots being let to 1/4 or 1/2 plots then space is at a premium for most.
The Solution. Freecycle.
One email to the Warrington Freecycle group and the next day I had a young family from an allotment a couple of miles away turn up for the orphaned plants.

Yesterday I collected several hundred paving bricks and some 18"x18" flags that were listed by a local shopping mall.
This morning I asked for some comfrey and had a generous reply within the our to offer my some in a week or so. (thanks)

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