31 Mar 2008


I managed to get a few hours on the plot on Saturday before the downpour. I've been stripping pallets to harvest the wood, It's so expensive from the DIY places.
I also started on a cold frame using a couple of window frames scored from a little dumpster diving and some parts from an old plastic green house. I'm using most of the woods from the pallets to make borders to define the main beds. Sunday morning was glorious, I'm not sure what temperature it was but It was warm enough to take my shirt off whilst I was digging. I got round to levelling the last part of the plot. This will be used for for wild flowers.

Sandra whilst doing a bit.

Sandra after doing a bit.

24 Mar 2008

Last day of the long weekend and we had a flutter of snow.
Today, child labour and tidy up.

23 Mar 2008

New raised bed

The raised bed for the tomatoes is part done and a new path is part done. I have been dumpster diving and found 6 scaffolding planks in my local area. I don't think I'll be lucky enough to repeat that any time soon but I'll keep my eyes peeled. Two where 3m which fit in my van, the other four 4 I had to cut to get them in.
The tomato bed is 3m x 1m.

Moved the Shed

We've moved the thing we call a shed to what is becoming the utility area.

This has allowed us to clear the bottom of the allotment and opened up the view nicely

22 Mar 2008

New beds ready

I was on the plot at 7am this morning.

The bottom plot is now ready for planting.
This morning I levelled the soil and marked out the beds.

Bed one is now full of potatoes. Bed two will have runner beans, french beans, broad beans and peas. I also planted another asparagus I found in pot from the old plot and a couple of purple asparagus. More onions have been planted and I moved one of the fruit trees to clear a send path between the upper and lower plot. My Mum planted some more onion sets.
All in all a good mornings work.

21 Mar 2008

Bank Holiday Weekend

Getting there. The new compost bins are done. the bed digging is done. The fence has been fixed. Lots happening ready for the planting.

17 Mar 2008

Another mornings work

Another mornings work on a spring morning sees around 5 meters of the lower allotment turned over. Frosts are forecast over the next few nights.

16 Mar 2008

An Attractive plot.

This is neighbouring allotment at my old plot.
It's one of the neatest plots I've seen with a very attractive flower garden.

More digging

I've done another session and dug around a third of the plot.

My dad shovelling shit. Better than the Gym Jim.

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window ledge sowing seeds

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Digging Beds.

Today I collect a few pallets and started to dig beds on the lower plot.
It took me an hour to do 8m x 1.5m bed to the depth of a spade and half. Enough for one morning.
The Rhubarb is doing well that I transplanted from my previous allotment and things have started to bud including the fruit trees and the blackcurrant.

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15 Mar 2008

More Space.

Today at midday I got a call from my Mum. They've been offered the plot at the back of me. This now makes the allotment a typical 10 rod plot; about 9m x 27m
Just when I thought I'd finished all the digging!

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8 Mar 2008

Nearly full (Wth Help)

My Parents (Sandra and Jim) have been helping with the plot, planting seed etc. I've concentrated on clearing, levelling and digging.
Last week I joined the allotment society and my mum and dad said that if ever the plot at the end of mine came up then they'd take it on. Unfortunately the old chap that had the full plot, mine and the one at the back is not in a good way with his knees and can't do much. His allotment neighbour has been keeping it under control since last year.
I've only got a couple of bed left to sow know. So far some of the hardier seeds have gone in. Radish, beetroot, carrot. I've been cheeky and put in onion and shallots along with on small bed of first early potatoes.

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