29 Oct 2012

Hard Landscape and putting a bed to Bed

It's probably no surprise that this season's been a bit of a wash out etc. The main effort was dismantling the old shed and installing a new(er ) one, I've put down some flags between the greenhouse and shed.

The potato bed has almost been put to bed.
Not for long though, Onion and Garlic to go in.
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29 Oct 2011

Garlic planted.

That's the Garlic in.

2 Rows of Taylor's Marco.
2 Rows of Unwin's White.

I've also planted a row of Shop bought Garlic. Probably Spanish to See how it goes.

Yesterday was a fabulous Autumn day and it was a pleasure working on the plot.

23 Oct 2011

Rhubarb bed today

A little hired help on the plot

The Rhubarb in need of a little TLC 

That's the Rhubarb taken care of. Ben is thinking do I eat it or roll in it!

22 Oct 2011

Progress (A little)

Time to tidy up. Start at the bottom and work up.
I pulled the last leek from the lower bed today and got stuck in.

2 Sep 2011

Yes there are some crops in here.

10 Jul 2011


Ignore the lemons!