1 Feb 2008


I used to have an allotment on Victoria park. Due to poor weather last year and lack of time I decided to give it up. This was also due to the fact the council wanted over £50 a year for it. I was also luckily offer the option of an allotment much closer to me at Woolston. The plots are smaller and much cheaper at £10 for an half plot. The locality means it is much more accessible and easier for my parents to help with.

I was offered a plot in early December and the committee where issuing plots on December 12th. But I was unavailable. I asked my parents to choose the plot.

They picked a half plot that was level, near a standpipe, fully fenced (good for the dogs) and very clear. Apart from viewing the plot nothing was done until February.
This mainly included clearing my old plot and moving a few small fruit trees, some asparagus and a few chunks of rhubarb. Well that plus half a tun of manure.

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